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All our Wicked Desserts products are blast frozen within hours of being completed to keep them at their best before we deliver them to you.

To ensure your customers enjoy these cakes at their best follow our simple guidelines.


  • Store cakes in the freezer at a minimum of -18 C.
  • Individual desserts will defrost in 2 to 3 hours in the fridge < 5 C.
  • Full size cakes are best defrosted overnight in the cold room.
  • Remove all outer packaging and cling film, place on clean tray with lid, keep covered so they don’t get any nasty fridge taste.


Cakes are best cut with a hot, dry, sharp knife. Just run the knife under a hot tap or sit in a jug of boiled water, then dry the knife and cut.


  • Mousse and cream cakes need to be displayed refrigerated.
  • Baked cakes can and are best served at room temperature or barely warmed.


  • When service is over cover carefully with cling film, or a cake dome.
  • Please remember to label and date your products so they are used at their best.
  • Our products like most foods are best eaten within 3 days of being defrosted.
  • We hope our cakes provide you with a convenient, delicious finale for every dining occasion.

Remember never refreeze a defrosted dessert!

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